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Welcome to Povey’s Oatcakes – Staffordshire and the North West’s No1 oatcake manufacturer.

Povey’s have been producing traditional Staffordshire Oatcakes for over 25 years using a special secret family recipe, which has been developed to be both dairy and low caliorie with no artificial additives making their oatcakes both a healthy and tasty savoury or sweet snack.

Now owned and managed by Alex Povey, the son of the original founder Povey’s oatcakes grow from strength to strength, Alex has increased production steadily since taking over from his father, recently opening their state of the art manufacturing site in Biddulph, North Staffordshire to increase production to cope with the growing demand both locally and across the UK for their bestselling oatcakes and other well-known recipes like their fruit pickelets.

Povey’s oatcakes are a quality, ready to eat healthy thin crepe styled plain pancake with their main ingredients being made from oats and flour and are fabulous to use with a huge range of both savoury or sweet fillings including anything from chocolate spread through to the classic favourite of Bacon, mushroom and melted cheese.

Not all oatcakes are the same, but we think Povey’s are the Best

Povey’s oatcakes come fresh from their own bakery ready to eat, but they are best served warmed by either by quickly grilling, microwaving or even frying – then just add your filling of choice – Roll them up and Enjoy.

Povey’s are one of the largest suppliers of traditional oatcakes to retail food outlets, farm shops, restaurants, and supermarket including Aldi, Waitrose and many more stores across the region including their own oatcake shops as well.

So to become a stockist, order online or see other ways you can enjoy our best-selling oatcakes, click on the links and get in contact today.

“Everyone who tries our oatcakes loves the taste, the fun of choosing their own filling and always come back for more”.

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75 reviews on
Peter David Child
Peter David Child
28. June, 2021.
Enjoyed a double bacon & cheese oatcake. ?
Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor
16. May, 2021.
Very nice oatcakes.
janine Mitchell
janine Mitchell
16. April, 2021.
Fantastic service and the oatcakes are delicious.
Marianne Kennedy Neary
Marianne Kennedy Neary
5. April, 2021.
Amazing oatcakes! We just stopped for some lunch, and they are the best oatcakes I’ve ever had. We are all wanting more! Great choice, very reasonable, friendly staff. Have previously mail ordered the oatcakes and they are also superb and quick delivery.
ChxLns “Jon”
ChxLns “Jon”
26. March, 2021.
best shop going, I'm 19 and been so often to this shop throughout my life with my grandparents and now I spend loads in here with all my mates.
Lee Woodrow
Lee Woodrow
5. February, 2021.
Very tasty
Connor Allmark
Connor Allmark
16. October, 2020.
Best oatcakes in Staffordshire


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