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About Us

Povey’s have been producing traditional Staffordshire Oatcakes for over 25 years using a special secret family recipe.

Povey’s Oatcakes was started by Steve Povey in 1994 selling and making a range of products from their first shop in Biddulph. Steve grew up in Leek and was a well-known local councillor and supporter of the local community and sadly passed away in 2011.

Step forward his son Alex. At just 23 Alex decided the best tribute to his father would be continuing to grow this loved Staffordshire food brand, and that’s just what he did. Alex Povey and the team produce oatcakes and other bakery products daily from their modern production facility and continue to grow the business and distribution of their famous oatcake across the UK and even now selling online to Ex-pats who miss the taste of home – with lots of recent orders coming from across the World including a recent order from the staff of Barclays Bank based in Japan.

Now owned and managed fully by Alex Povey, the son of the original founder of Povey’s oatcakes, Alex has increased production steadily since taking over, not only selling oatcakes from the original oatcake shop his dad started in the 90’s, but also now owing and running his modern bakery production site in Staffordshire to increase production to cope with the growing demand both locally and across the UK for their bestselling oatcakes and other well-known recipes like their fruit pikelets, supplying to numerous outlets including local shops and supermarkets across the region and the UK.

“Alex says he will continue to invest in the Povey’s brand and business over the next decade with the new production unit in Biddulph and with his plans to supply more leading supermarkets.”

The Povey’s Oatcake recipe is a closely guarded secret, but the family will tell you that the oatcakes contain fine oatmeal, plain flour, salt, bicarbonate of soda, yeast and water and no artificial additives making them a delicious healthy hi-fibre versatile snack, eaten by all ages.

Many believe the original Oatcake is a “Potteries” tradition and has been know by many names over the years, from The Tunstall Tortilla, through to The Potteries Poppadom and Clay Suzzette. But here at Povey’s, Alex Povey believes the oatcake has its origins in the Staffordshire Moorlands where isolated farmers would make and eat oatcakes from ingredient from their store cupboard, when they were cut off by bad weather and couldn’t reach the shops to get bread.

“My dad was handed a very old recipe from Ecton in the Manifold Valley where farmers would make their oatcakes from milk and oats.”

But one thing is for sure, there’s nowhere in the world serving up traditional oatcakes like we do in North Staffordshire and it’s a tradition, and we are proud to uphold the production and supply of our Oatcakes daily to our growing number of regular consumers and stores who love our products and come back time and time again to buy the Povey’s brand.

“Alex says Everyone who tries our oatcake for the first time are knocked out by how good they taste, and I see it as my personal crusade to introduce the oatcake to a global market”

The difference is in the style and production we use to make our Povey’s Staffordshire Oatcakes.

Please contact us today to become a Povey’s stockists, and a member of our wholesale team will be happy to help on 01782 511799 or alternatively you can email us directly at