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Povey’s Oatcakes are a delicious healthy hi-fibre versatile snack, they are ready to eat thin crepe styled plain pancake made from our secret family recipe and can be enjoyed by adding both savoury or sweet fillings to them – from chocolate spread to the classic of Bacon, mushroom and melted cheese.

Povey’s oatcakes come fresh from their own bakery ready to eat, but they are best served warmed by either quickly grilling, microwaving or even frying – then just add your filling of choice – Roll them up and Enjoy. You can even freeze them when you buy them to use them later…

Savoury filling ideas

Simply place grated cheese, cooked bacon, tomato, cooked mushrooms – or in fact anything you like – in an oatcake, and microwave it on full for about a minute. You can also grill them or eat them cold. Using big chunks of cheese instead of the grated variety gives the most interesting texture and flavours. Other great savoury fillings are tuna and sweetcorn, ham and cheese, cheese and onion, smoked salmon and cream cheese and even chicken tikka masala!

Tomato Oatcake

Sweet filling ideas

Our oatcakes can also be served with jam, a bit of butter (hot or cold) or eaten plain as dessert treat.

Our Favourite fillings from the Povey’s team

The Povey’s team love their oatcakes for breakfast with melted cheese, bacon and egg double, with brown sauce.

Povey’s produce thousands of these delicious rounds of baked loveliness each year from a closely-guarded family secret, only known to Mr Povey.

Povey’s are one of the largest suppliers of traditional oatcakes to retail food outlets, farm shops, restaurants, and supermarket including Aldi, Waitrose and many more stores across the region including their own oatcake shops.

So, to become a stockist, order online or see other ways you can enjoy our best-selling oatcakes, click on the links and get in contact – or purchase the real traditional Staffordshire oatcake by Povey’s today.